Ep. 106: The SEPI Agency
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Ep. 106: The SEPI Agency

Welcome back to Tinfoil Tales! On this episode I am joined by David, the founder of the SEPI Agency in the UK.

A little information about SEPI:

The SEPI Agency began in AUGUST of 2023 and is a network of like-minded individuals that endeavour to provide answers to questions about supernatural, extraterrestrial and paranormal experiences. Our emphasis is on the fact we investigate all areas and not just focused on one subject unlike MUFON for example.

The founder, a serving UK police officer, has previously served as an officer with the National Crime Agency (NCA) between 2016 ‚Äď 2021 in England which much like the FBI in the United States, leads the fight to cut serious and organised crime bothdomestically and globally. Some of our officers and researchers are professionals from a variety of fields and include ex-serving
and serving police officers and military personnel.

Our information is gathered using police techniques including gathering witness accounts, conducting interviews, obtaining best evidence and each inquiry is subjected to meticulous inspection. Because of the techniques and approach to paranormal investigations, we appear to have earned the appellation of "The Paranormal Police!"

The Jerusalem 2011 UFO Incident - Link to the YouTube video here.

SEPI Website

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