Ep. 58: Leaving Eden - From Cults to Russia's Drilling Mystery
Tinfoil TalesJanuary 02, 2024x
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Ep. 58: Leaving Eden - From Cults to Russia's Drilling Mystery

Welcome back Foil Fanatics to another new episode of Tinfoil Tales! On this episode we are joined Gavi from Leaving Eden podcast and we talk about some of the things cults do, and some of the warning signs of cults.Leaving Eden Podcast on Apple Podcastshttps://open.spotify.com/show/6jh5cAYRXAoqBSIQ1OckG5?si=59be37e40d654535Join us in this special edition of Tinfoil Tales as Gavi, cohost of Leaving Eden Podcast, takes the spotlight. Delve into the world of cults with Gavi, who shares insights gained from discussing the experiences of his cohost, a former cult member. Learn about the signs of cults, their impact, and the captivating stories explored on Leaving Eden Podcast.Gavi also touches on an extraordinary topic—Russia's drilling expedition and the eerie sounds recorded. Could they be on the verge of uncovering the unknown, even venturing into the mysterious concept of Hell? Find out more in this eye-opening interview.Cult Insights from Leaving Eden PodcastSigns and Stories of CultsRussia's Drilling Expedition to HellUnraveling the Mystery SoundsGavi's Perspective on the Unexplained🚀 Don't miss this chance to gain unique insights into the world of cults and the uncharted territories explored by Russia. Subscribe, hit the notification bell, and embark on a journey of discovery with Tinfoil Tales!👍 If you found this interview intriguing, give it a thumbs up, share your thoughts in the comments, and subscribe for more thought-provoking content.#LeavingEdenPodcast #TinfoilTales #CultInsights #RussiaDrilling #GaviInterview #PodcastSpecial #UnexplainedSounds #PodcastDiscussion #CultStories #MysteryRevealed #TinfoilTalksTinfoil Tales Podcast - Show Notes 🎙️ Want to be a Guest? If you have a paranormal encounter, conspiracy theory, or unexplained story to share, we'd love to hear from you! Reach out to us at tinfoiltalespodcast@gmail.com or use the contact button on our website. http://www.tinfoiltales.com Let's schedule you for a future episode and dive into the mysteries together! 📱 Follow Us on Social Media: Connect with us on Twitter for updates and discussions.
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